Buy A Block, Help Build Jamaica’s First Organic Agriculture School image

Buy A Block, Help Build Jamaica’s First Organic Agriculture School

Give, to help teach farmers and youth how to farm their way out of poverty

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Donate To Help and Get Your Name Engraved on A Block(s) of The School Walls

We have begun the construction of Jamaica‘s first Organic Climate-Smart institute in South Manchester. We need your help to complete this life transforming facility that will help to rebuild the backbone of Jamaica, agriculture.

Although Farm Up Jamaica has trained over 500 youth in Organic Agriculture since inception, we must complete this facility that will accommodate and educate farmers, youth and visitors who have become interested in better health, sustainably and simply a way to make a decent living.

Poverty is plaguing some of the most well-known farming communities across Jamaica. The farmer’s inability to keep up with best practices and new techniques on how-to grow crops throughout the climate-changing weather (ex. extensive drought, flooding), has crippled the farmer and stolen the dream of youths who may have planned to continue there family’s agricultural legacy.

The Building

The building is being constructed from Green Materials and will be completely Solar powered. Water will be provided through rain harvesting and bamboo charcoal filtration. Students will have a decent place to room and board during their one month stay.

Purchase A Green LEED Certified Block that will help complete the construction of the institution.

Your name engraved Block(s) are 8”x24” and will be visual in the public domain of the interior of the School Building classroom, Countrystore, halls etc.

The Climate Smart Institute is being designed to:

  • Dorm up to 30 students/volunteers at a time.
  • Educate theoretically and transition to practical methods of Organic Climate-Smart Agriculture (located Adjacent to our 5 acre training farmlands.)
  • Educate in Farm Up Jamaica Climate-Smart techniques to enable successful farming throughout catastrophic climate changing events.
  • Educate in business and sustainable money management.
  • Educate in the distillation of essential oils
  • Educate in organic food packing, marketing, logistics and traceability.
  • Give practical experience in our farmer’s market/country store to encourage the production of value-added products created from the farm (natural pies, juices etc.)

The Diaspora Commitment
Our Jamaicans who live abroad have committed to assist graduates of the program who are returning to poverty stricken farming communities. Our Diaspora Fund will kickstart them with the necessary assistance to start and run a successful farm and agribusiness. We will also grant them guaranteed markets to sell to.

This is how you can have a measurable impact on a person, a community and ultimately Jamaica, Land We Love. We Need Your Help, Please Buy A Block.