Let’s Farm Up Your Land, And Your Whole Community Will Follow image

Let’s Farm Up Your Land, And Your Whole Community Will Follow

Convert your Hometown into a Global Producer of Organic Food

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Start A Farm Up Community, The Time Is “Now!”

Covid-19 Creates a Unique time to rebuild your hometown agricultural community In Jamaica starting with you. Become a Diaspora Anchor for your community.

Food scarcity can be the product of a pandemic. As food producing nations try to conserve their goods for themselves, countries who depend on imported food suffer. Jamaica imports approximately US$1Billion worth of food annually.

Whole farming communities lay dormant simply because farming has lost its appeal due to lack of education, assistance, inspiration and funding needed to kickstart farming projects.

Where Are You From?

Where was your navel string cut? Was it Clarendon, St. James, St. Thomas or somewhere else in Jamaica? Here is a unique opportunity for you to assist in revitalizing family lands and rebuilding the farming community for your own district.

How It Works?

  1. Farm Up Jamaica visits your community (Farming District) to do a feasibility study and to test your soil.
  2. We decide what organic crops can be produced on a large scale and prepare a Cost-Per-Acre Budget.
  3. We partner with you and other Jamaicans overseas who hail from the same community and add their land to the program so there is enough land to grow crops to supply a large scale market.
  4. We train local farmers and youth, in Farm Up Jamaica Sustainable Organic Agriculture techniques, to cultivate consistent crops to supply the market continually.
  5. Under Farm Up Jamaica direction, Land is cleared, prepared and irrigated using sustainable Organic Climate-Smart practices.
  6. Land is then cultivated, maintained and harvested with the necessary management and oversight.
  7. We assist in harvesting, grading, packing and logistics to ensure the product gets to the designated buyer(s).

In this program local farmers and youth train and work together. The crop is planted and harvested on a scheduled basis. You and your community reap financial reward when the crop is harvested. Jamaicans who live a broad can finally have a measurable lasting impact on their community and Jamaica.

Start Your Community’s Agriculture Fund Now, It’s Easy!

  1. Make a donation to your favorite Parish Fund.
  2. Important: Once you select your Parish, the following page will require you to enter your District’s Name.
  3. Once you’ve made the first donation, you’ve started a Farm Up Jamaica Navel String Community!***
  4. Share this link and invite family members and friends to donate to your community fund.


The Program is designed to connect Jamaicans and Friends to a safe and secure way to reinvest in Jamaica while rebuilding your own community in the process.

We give you the online tools necessary to help build a Farm Up Jamaica Community Agriculture Fund. All funds that are raised are held at JN BANK and distributed for your community agricultural tasks only.

If you own land or have family land in an old farming community or you just love Jamaica and want to help rebuild sustainable organic agriculture, The Navel String Program is the right fit.

***Note: Once the community has raised $500 in donations, Farm Up Jamaica will visit your district to do a feasibility study, soil tests and meet with local farmers to assess interest.


The Diaspora Navel String Program requires the collaboration of farming communities and the support of family and friends living abroad. Each landowner/farmer benefits solely from the amount of land they put in the program. The Program starts with your property, but requires other community farmers and farmlands to expand production to a commercial level. We help to bring the community together, it’s very important for a successful project.

Want to see your gift at work? We will be posting your community’s improvement on Social Media, our website or upon request at: Info@farmupjamaica.org

Want to help? Become your community’s Liaison. Volunteer and become a Social Member today. Simply fill out the application in this link: https://goo.gl/forms/KHix3ALlTYXwQL0D3