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Build a Farm In A Jamaican Parish

Help Fight Crime By Creating Progressive Organic Farming Communities

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Help Put Idle Hands To Idle Lands

Have you ever wanted to help Jamaica but never knew how to make a significant impact?

Money remittances have become Jamaica's main form of support. Although It is necessary in many cases, many of our loved ones have become dependent on it. The Idea of not working and receiving money can cause people to become inactive and idle. In most cases, crime increases when people have nothing to do. Let's create opportunities for youth who need it most, a whole generation is at stake!

It's time to rebuild agriculture one community at a time by "teaching people how to fish, instead of giving them the fish".

Whole farming communities lay dormant simply because farming has lost its appeal due to lack of education, assistance, inspiration and funds needed to kickstart farming projects.

The program is designed to identify food production shortages within each parish and then to grow those crops organically, making each parish and its communities, self sufficient. The order of assistance is based on the amount of funds raised by each parish.

Make a recurring monthly donation to your favorite parish's fund and invite at least (3) more friends or family members to do the same.

100% of funds raised will go toward the rebuilding of agriculture within the parishes.

Assistance includes

-Education & training in sustainable, Climate Smart, Organic Agriculture.

-A guaranteed contracted market to sell food to.

-Land clearance, plowing, tractoring, farrowing, harrowing,

-Land Preparation


-Organic seeds, Organic fertilizer, Organic weed control, Organic pest control, Organic herbicides and fungicides.

-Community Tool Shed: where farmers will have access to tools, equipment and resources needed to carry out successful farming.

-Access to local and international experts and volunteers. Real help to get it done right!


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